Identify what you really want in your life and set your desired change into action. Because you deserve to thrive!

Are you ready to move forward into a life you love to live?

Through intuitive listening, asking key questions, and providing accountability, I can help you navigate the challenges of life and chart your own path forward into a life you love to live. Some common areas we can work on are:

  • Maintaining self care by setting fitness, weight loss, and wellness plans.

  • Supercharging your career, whether it means optimizing your value in your current position, working towards promotions, or transitioning to a new career path entirely.

  • Working on spiritual development by nourishing the space within that creates meaningful experiences in life.

  • Becoming the best parent, spouse, and family you can be.

  • Personal development from developing your passions to building more genuine connections with others, to anything else that comes up.

Coaching sessions can guide you in:

  • Identifying what it is that you really want in your life.

  • Removing the blocks that get in the way, getting you out of that rut that keeps you from realizing your true potential and living a full and joyful life

  • Creating a progression of goals moving you forward into a life you love

  • Maintaining ongoing dialogue, support, and accountability to stay on your path

Based out of Seattle Washington, Estela Meza offers life coaching sessions by phone, Skype, and FaceTime.  Estela specializes in work with women.