Big Changes

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

-Henri Bergson


I have been busy making big changes. I sold the home where I raised my children, re-evaluated my coaching career direction, took two months off to play in my “some day” location, and next week I will be settling into a new life-style of condo living.

When I take action in one area of my life everything in my life is affected.  My husband and I love the vibe in Bellingham. Two of our children attended WWU and we found we continued to visit long after they graduated! So this became the place we looked at as a future home. Early this year we found the right house and made our happy purchase. This one change became the impetus for another long awaited change and another change ...Soon after I was ready to let go of the house we raised our family in.

 We had been remodeling our family home and after finishing everything upstairs thought we would start to recreate the lower level, when I realized what I was doing was re-creating my life after kids, so why not start in a whole new house? Why not try condo living? Why not move to a whole new location? Well, we still have our respective businesses based in Woodinville, so we decided to move into a condo in Woodinville and spend weekends and free time in Bellingham. We sold the house, found a condo, took two months to live and play in Bellingham as bonafide residents of this beautiful and friendly northwest community. I know I’ve painted a rosy picture here - but know this was a huge practice in letting go too. Letting go of stuff while keeping the memories (this included a lot of sighing.) Letting go of who I was when mom was my biggest and most needed role and redefining who I am in this new time on my life journey, even letting go of relationships that were not serving me! But, more about Letting Go in a future blog.

At the same time, I took this opportunity to take inventory of my career as a life coach and what I ultimately want to create. This also meant letting go of what I thought I should do to "grow" my business and replacing that with what feels right as I bring I my vision into being. My vision is to hold space for women as they discover and grow into more of their authentic self. I get super energized when I help a client gain insights and clear blocks that help liberate them into more of who they want to be and living a more fulfilled life. I also believe in the power of community, creating a space where this tribe of women can meet in complete acceptance and support of each other, with this in mind I am starting a women's circle where we can hold this sacred space. The way I see it the path to any of our goals is through self-love and part of my job is to be a witness and guide as women in my tribe travel the path to self-love and into the fullness of their authentic self, into who and what they desire to become. Life is good - sometimes recognizing the good part of an experience comes with hindsight and maturity.

 As I go into this new stage in my life I can sense the beginning of a new spiritual season for myself. These changes in my outer world are a reflection of my spiritual awareness and expansion. This is how flow happens for me, first I make inner changes getting into spiritual alignment then the path to outer change becomes clear and is facilitated by this flow.

We have all heard that change is the only constant in life. Beyond the shadow of a doubt it is true! I know that when I am in alignment with my authentic self and the life force that guides me then everything in my life “falls” in place. This is true with my recent decisions and changes; they had a flow that affirms I am moving in the right direction. Whether we like it or not, whether we try to keep everything the same, or whether we flow with it, change happens.

What would you like to change and get in flow with in your life right now and how can I support you in your journey?


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