Estela, I’m writing to you to let you know how thankful and how appreciative I am in working with you these past few months. Together we have seen some of my ups and downs and through it all you have been instrumental and unfailing with your intuition in helping me gain clarity for my future plans as well as with looking within myself. You are a very compassionate and caring coach and you kept my “squirrel” nature on track and focused! And you thoughtfully held me accountable for the plans that I chose to make.

I look forward to working with you many times again in the future. And I will be referring everybody I know who needs an awesome patient coach, to you!!
— LMP/Entrepaneur
Estela is a wonderful life coach. She has a unique ability to listen closely and reflect back to me my own thoughts and feelings so that I can see them more clearly. She helped me gain clarity in a time of transition (moving to a new city and switching careers). Once I decided which route I wanted to take she kindly held me accountable to my new goals by checking in with sincere care. No matter who you are or what you do, it feels good to have someone like Estela in your corner. I am very thankful for the intuitive coaching I’ve received from Estela to help me re-claim the life I want.
— Non-profit Professional
Working with Estela has been such a positive experience. When I asked her to help me with guidance through some troubling decisions and experiences she helped me recognize and utilize tools I would’ve never known to use. Her ability to guide me to recognize and question my reasoning and fears has been so empowering. I had never done this kind of inner work before, like facing anxiety head on, and I feel I have benefited greatly from coaching. I really feel that Estela is such a wonderful, nurturing, empowering and honest coach.
— Commercial Real Estate Appraiser