The Memo

 When I was younger I thought everyone else had life all figured out. Of course that’s not true. We all have it figured out sometimes and then we don’t have a clue the rest of the time. But we keep operating as if...because what other choice is there really?

The thing is we don’t have to have it all figured out. We can go about our life with curiosity, and anticipation, of what is unfolding, knowing we don’t actually control very much  other than how we decide to show up. How we decide to look at things. How we decide to engage or not engage. So what we experience is up to us. It’s about how we interpret what happens in our life.

What lens am I looking through? I like looking through a rose colored lens. I choose to have a positive attitude about the world around me in spite of the evidence for the opposite view. I would rather focus on the good in humanity, the beauty of this earth, and the marvel and mystery of the universe. I am thankful for all that I have experienced through my young adult years, my parenting years, and now in my second half, I move through my life in faith. Faith that things will work out. I didn’t  analyze every step along the way but instead just got to the business of living each day to the best of my ability. There have been bad days and other days I felt I was on top of the world. Mostly I look back at happy memories,  sometimes I think about all mistakes I made and then I remember that everything is as it is meant to be. That’s how I see it. My own experience is why I hold this belief.

I can see all the places I made mistakes, I can see all the things I chose to focus on with success, I can see how both serve me in who I am today. 

Who am I today? I am someone who strives to live to my highest potential, I’m not even close yet. I am proud of being an honest person. I am proud of the children I brought into the world who have grown into kind, loving, caring, conscientious human beings who follow their own path. I’m proud of the many years my husband and I have chosen to walk our life journey together, choosing to show up and learn from one another. I am someone who does meaningful work in the world. I love working one-on-one, one hour at a time with individuals, connecting on a deep level as I hold a safe space for them and witness their story. I am a healer. I am love.

Nope, I did not get the memo telling me how to do life. 

Some people feel like they missed the memo on life. What part of my story do you relate to? Do we need an instruction manual for life? If so, why?  What would you put into such a manual?

I believe this “memo” is within each of us. I am guided by my intuition. My intuition informs me as to whether or not I am living in alignment with my values, my purpose and my passion. We all have an inner compass that we can look to for direction.

Here are 7 ways you can connect to this inner guidance:

  1. Identifying your guiding values. There are usually one or two values that stand out and guide your most important decisions.

  2. Be true to who you are.  Connecting in this way means making decisions that stand for and FEEL true to who you are.

  3. Connecting to something higher. Some may call this God, the Universe, or their Higher-Self. Some people see the interconnectedness of the natural world as explained by evolution/science as their context. Either way you are connecting to a sense of something bigger at work in your life.

  4. Looking to our interconnectedness. Every decision we make has an effect on our world. Thinking holographically means making decisions from a place that is right for you and for those that you share this earth with.

  5. Always do your best. Doing your best can look different on different days or at different times in your life (as opposed to perfectionism.) So compassion for yourself and others can bring peace about decisions from this perspective.

  6. Follow your purpose. Identify your purpose and this can lead to the path that is right for you.

  7. Be in the Moment. Living in the moment is a way to block out the noise and really notice what is important in your life.

What is guiding how you live your life? 



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